Think Kit

"Think Kit is a series of writing prompts intended to help people share stories online. The community writes on the same topic each day, and we use social media to connect us all. " -


Today I am writing about someone who influenced me a lot last month… TT! TT was my mentor at SmallBox, and here are the things she helped me about SmallBox: 

  • Being really chill @ the skype interview

  • Made me feel relax when I first got to SmallBox (probs by making fun of Drew lots)

  • Arranged and printed schedules for me every week

  • Arranged many 101 sessions to paint me a vague picture of marketing

  • Arranged millions of lunch meetings with boxers (and thank you to all the boxers who have sit down and listened to me rambled / rambled with me)

  • Took the Google Analytics Certification with me (and slayed it waaat)

  • Being tolerant of the mistakes I made, gave me room to improve

  • Txted me to see if I needed rides at snow days. 

  • It was really nice. (And DREW)

  • Thought about everything possible that could help me i.e. forwarding emails sent from her uni to help me with job

It's been real, bro. It's been real.


After reading my graduation card from the Boxers (I can hear everyone's voice matching up to their sentences), I decided to write something back to all of you.

(Order from Upper to Bottom part of the card)

Sarah: I got chuuu. I made a mental note that matched your name to Scandinavia so let's see who contact who first… ;)

Leigh: Your enthusiasm is really, really, really contagious. Love watching you work. You're an inspiring individual! I want to be like you when I work ;)

Colin: Psych majors UNITE! Screw CPT and the system! I'll make it work. >:( #BikeTrain

Mark: You're just really cool in general. Enjoyed  our conversation at lunch! I might randomly ask you for life guidance again because I feel like you would give really good answers lol #YOLO 

Nick: You're really impressive at Yoga. Didn't think you LOVE the progressive bar idea but hey, everything's worth a shot right? You're really sweet, beer man! :D

Jeb: Where is SmallDox? Haha. Thanks for giving me great advices at lunch! I shared some of your views on culture with my parents and my mom thought they were innovative and surprising to her. Idea sparks! :)

Elizabeth:You're really approachable and loving, wish I had gotten to know you more! Thank you for handing the card to me, it means a lot! 

Lydia: You are just such a refreshing and pleasant human being! I really like your sense of humour :) Love getting to know you and your lovely dog. :3 I thoroughly enjoyed your presence.

Jenny: 1st of all, LOL to your comment → TT's writings (I lolled at that comment). 2nd, always wanted to tell you, I LOVE your style <3 3rd, thank you for always being there, helping me and making me feel at home. I really appreciate you! DePauw love <3

Sara: Thank you for your online communication with me! I enjoyed getting to know you through your blogs and having lunch with you :) You're very passionate and genuine, and I know one day you will make it to all the states in the best way possible!

TT: Haha. Eyeliner on point, gender unknown, H2O consumer, the kid with the cool lingo and everything I wrote above. 

Mo: I love your focus when you talk about writing! It really fascinated me. It makes me pay more attention to writing! I love your laughters, and I also appreciated your style. You're on fleek.

Drew: #BikeGang Thank you for so many things… you're so funny and hippie and cool and relaxed and approachable… all the thingz. And thanks for so many car rides in the morning and bike rides after work. You da best!. :')

Dan: You're a really humorous, playful person, Dan! I am amazed at how you charm through client meetings and make jokes that keep the good vibe moving… you're really good with language! There's so much I can learn from you :)

I felt immediately welcomed as I stepped foot in SmallBox. Thank you for being part of the best internship! Peace and love.