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The Austins

I am really glad that I found the Austins through couchsurfing this January.

  • Amanda

Amanda is a resident. That should tell you that she has almost no life - no time to work out, no time to rest / entertain and no time to be with Joel. She leaves home everyday before I wake up and comes back home everyday at around 8ish (sometimes earlier). She is very dedicated to her job, but at the same time she also wants to have a life as a newly-wed. As a resident she claims that she is at the bottom of the pyramids, way below the attendants - but there is always the medical students. Based on my observation of her life, the world should probably pay more attention to the profession of doctor and their inhumane working life. 

Amanda is an advocate. She is helpful, selfless, and is willing to sacrifice for others. In order to help me gain hours at driving, she would frequently come up of ways for me to practice driving and volunteer to drive with me even though she is deadly afraid of my driving skills (not because I'm a female Asian driver people, because I just got my permit. I know you were thinking it). She is good at forgiving mistakes that I made (some of them are really stupid), and good at addressing potential conflicts at an early stage, when there is rarely any with her. She is observant, and is open to any new attempt I have in cooking. 

  • Joel

Joel is a business man. He has a variety of life experiences before I got to know him and had developed a fine value system - arguing with him is a pleasant experience because he is quite matter-of-fact instead of emotionally involved (me), so you usually end up actually going somewhere in a conversation with hi,. Because I tend to spend more time with him than with Amanda, I get to talk to him about my business-related thoughts, and have been really appreciative that he never makes fun of my thoughts which are not-so-practical at times. He always encourage me to think outside of the box and go after my 'vision'.

  • “Amanda and I are both...”

As newly-weds, Joel and Amanda have a lot in common. According to Amanda, they are basically one person. They are both warm-tempered, forgiving, introverted, easily amused, spice-loving, analytical, independent, advocating, weird believers in God.