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Untold Stories

This picture was taken by me when I first highlighted my hair red and was showing it off to my dad. My dad had been nonchalant towards any of my attempt of changing my physical appearance - I don't think he would have mind if I had gone goth. In this picture, I captured his bitter moment of being forced into producing non-existent opinions towards my new hair. But that's the perks of being the only child - you can hog all the attention.I think I try to imitate my parents' openness. I don't know about how they make personal judgements in their lives, but in terms of the things I do outside of my academic lives, they never make judgements - they never said anything I did was 'weird', 'interesting' or 'okay'. I found that very liberating and I've always credited them for their excellent educational methodology towards their wonderful daughter… I must stop now. 

I think my dad is handsome. He is almost 50 now but he still looks like he is in his 30s... . Growing up I had expectancy in my physical attractiveness as an adult because I thoughtmy parents are attractive individuals. A weird thought, but a true thought. 

My parents want to eventually move to the US to experience the west. My dad travelled alot when he was young, and I would say his values are pretty 50/50 when it comes to eastern culture vs western culture. A lot of his values are advanced even if I put him in a western scenario, so I never really had to do any persuasion as I am getting 'westernized'. My mom is a dreamer, and she thinks because she likes bread and butter she would fit in perfectly. I think I should just plant her here and see how she responds to things... she can always change her mind if things don't turn out the way they are expected. :P