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Homie 3: Vida

Let's talk about Vida now. Vida had always been in my Edinburgh friend circle, but we didn't talk for a long time - I didn't think she was nice at first, and she never made an effort to talk to me (which I misinterpreted as being stuck-up). She was a very beautiful girl from Mexico City, and was very well mannered, almost too good to be true - the reason why I was intimidated to talk to her at first. Funnily enough, the first thing she said to me was that she thought I was confident - opposite to how I felt, but I guess so.

Our friendship came to a turning point during the last month of my semester at Edinburgh. She organized a potluck for our group one day and I offered to help - I started having conversations with her casually and that apparently made her relaxed - she became much more comfortable with me. She expressed gratitude for my help, and piled me up with compliments of my curries- which made me happy. After hanging out with her, I learned a very interesting fact about her - she was an excellent gambler. At the goodbye gathering of our group at the Three Sisters bar, she suddenly became very open about herself. She talked about her disregard for dating - to her, dating only meant a combination of three things: love, sex and friendship. She believed that unconditional love could be found from parents, sex from drunk people, and friendship from friends - therefore, why need relationships? Although she was thankful for her previous relationship, she didn't want to be in one anymore. She also claimed to seldom respect others' opinions, "not toward you of course, I respect your opinions... but take gambling as an example, I know you think gambling is stupid... I know! But I think it's fun, it's all a game to me. I'm just having fun." She was very good at reading people, and gave me a very impressive answer when I asked the cliche question of "what am I thinking at this very moment." Guess it makes sense that she was such a good gambler.

That same night, we went out as a group, and Vida did not cease to surprise me. When we walked up to a closed-door party, she stopped and looked at me and said, "We just need confidence to get in there." She opened the door, and I followed her in - and there we were, in a private party where we didn't belong, trying to blend in naturally. No one was paying attention to us though. She then made a strategic move to get to know the most careless person at the party (a dude dancing his ass off), and we found out that it was a corporate party. I soon learned that Vida was a charming salsa dancer and a beer thief. What a girl.

My last day at Edinburgh was actually spent with Vida. We walked down the Christmas market, using it as an excuse to talk - she was telling me some of her confusions / thoughts about family values and being a foreigner - the 4 months she spent in Edinburgh had made her realize that family and friends back home were the most important matter to her. She told me that she didn't want to go to the States because of the negative stereotypes of Mexicans and she knew she would get angry on hearing such opinions, so might as well avoid it altogether. We also talked about religion - being a Catholic, she told me about her views on how all religions come together and pursue one goal - human kindness. "There is no loss in being religious - it doesn't hurt if turns out there is no God." I disagreed with her, but I see her points. We had a great last night, and I was sentimental about saying goodbye to my last friend in Edinburgh. She laughed and proclaimed, "We will meet in two years, Angela!" This gave me false hope - I know it's not going to happen, but I said "Deal!" She offered to help carry my luggage later that night, but I said no because I did not want her to wake up at 6 am in the morning. Turned out she was a sweetheart though.We do not keep in touch now... I am glad that I got to know her better in my last month in Edinburgh though. She was really nice.And these were the stories of the three homies in Edinburgh, Scotland.


P.S. You might have found the tone of this article strange when I talk about these homies- they are actually all lads instead of lassies. The reason of me addressing them as lassies is that I want to see for myself if my perspectives were truly objective.  I suppose it is left for the world to judge.