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My four months in Edinburgh greatly enhanced my musical taste - after all, having flatmates (like these) was nothing but helpful. Mate No.1 wakes up to classical jazz every morning, does busking on the side on some weekends and crawls out of bed every Saturday morning for choral practices. No.2 blew most of his hard-earned money on concerts and music festivals and told us about that time when Chet Faker's voice "caressed his soul" and a solitary tear dripped down his stoned face. No.3 took a train to Glasgow for this electro swing band during the intense revision week (finals week), and No.4 would arrive hours early to a music festival for frontal participation just because one of the artists performing at the festival is her favorite rapper (Pusha T). Being around these noblemen and noblewomen I figured that I should not be an uncultured swine, so I put my educational fraternity party music playlist on pause and started listening to some other tunes. 

I fell in love with Gold initially because it was one of the few pop songs flatmate No.1 would listen to other than Jazz, Tenacious D, and South Park music. He was quite obsessed with Chet Faker, and I am quite obsessed with him, so I naturally started listening to the singer he was listening to. After some initial get-to-knows, I realised that Gold never failed to encapsulate my emotions (whatever they were whenever I put it on) and always flew right through my heart and mind. It is "SO CHILL" (No.2, 2015). The calming start, the hand claps and Chet Faker's voice - every component of the song is irreplaceable. The voice of Chet Faker is almost like a juice blended from all of his emotions; flat but flavourful. It does not display one type of emotion - I regard it as a mirror that reflects the listener's emotions. 

I must confess, I did not anticipate the lyrics of Gold to harmonize so well with my own romantic values but when I noticed that, it was very comforting and I was very glad. Mates, if Chet Faker feels the way I do, my romantic vision must be beautiful, and that is not the halo effect but a statement of truth. 

If I were to talk about Gold, I have to mention its golden music video. I have no idea what that video is trying to say - three skaters, all girls, dressed in casual/hippie clothing, skating on a highway with slight variations in skating patterns in the dark, the only lighting of which was, seemingly, car lights. It is, however, worth mentioning that when I was travelling solo in Ireland on the night bus, staring into the endless nights with an unexplainable feel of liberation, the skaters were all that was in my head. Because of that, I like the video a lot.

Music is a powerful vehicle. One of its powers is capturing a place and the emotions associated with the place perfectly, and whenever you put on that music it immediately brings you back to the place. In my case, nostalgic best describes my feelings when Chet Faker comes on my phone now. It can repeatedly remind me of my Edinburgh self and my Edinburgh life (and all the people that were in that life), which I love. 

It is such a well-made song. Folks, you're welcome.